Our network

Helslink is an ISP that has been operating its own network under AS210631 for almost 2 years now and is mainly based in France. We are present on different IXs and are currently connected to more than 300 ASNs. We have an open peering policy to all legitimate peers.

We are constantly seeking to increase our presence and expand our network to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

We are also looking for sponsors for one or more new PoPs (virtual only), transit or IP resources.

Peering policy

Our peering policy is selective, you can find more details on our PeeringDB page.

How our routing works

  • We advertise our routes and those of our customers as they are.
  • We filter illegal routes such as IANA reserved networks.
  • We do not accept traffic that is not intended for us.

Requirements to connect

  • Have a publicly routable ASN with IP space (at least one /48).
  • Keep your PeeringDB page up to date.
  • Have an NOC capable of responding quickly to requests.
  • Only send us traffic that is destined for us.
If you are ready to work with us and respect our requirements, contact us at

BGP Communities

Here are our BGP communities to help you better understand how our network works. Our BGP communities are currently being improved.

Location Communities

210631:0:x Global
210631:1:x rtr1.prs.fr.core
210631:2:x rtr2.prs.fr.edge
210631:3:x rtr1.fra.de.core

Origin Communities

210631:x:100 Originated
210631:x:101 Routes learned from transit
210631:x:102 Routes learned from peers
210631:x:103 Routes learned from customers